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Real Benefits of having Raw Honey In your kitchen

Since time immemorial, human beings have had an almost innate sweet tooth that is manifested in the desperate need for sweet, soulful flavours. It is in our very nature to savour the succulent pleasantries of sweet treats in all shapes, sizes and forms.

It is what dreams are made of, and like all dreams, we naturally strive to make them come true!

Enter: Honey!

Honey in all its magnificent, wondrous glory!

Not just any honey. Not what your aunt Trixie refers to you as every time she sees you on the family Thanksgiving dinner. Heck, not even the kind of honey you use as an affectionate word for your beloved significant other – girlfriend or wife!

We’re talking pure and natural honey that provides a taste of paradise – in more ways than one!

Sticky and gooey, you say? Yes, but for all the right reasons. And shortly you’ll see why.

Here are 6 ways honey is a magically rich, golden potion meant to dazzle the eyes and delight your senses; leaving you buzzing for more (no pun intended).

  1. Super Food

If Kryptonite is Superman’s weakness, consider honey your strength!

Honey is a super food. Why? Pretty simple! Pure, naturally occurring honey without preservatives and processing contains vital substances crucial to enhancing and sustaining life. This means critical vitamins, minerals, bacteria, enzymes and even water. Moreover, it is also the only humanly consumable food that possesses pinocembrin, which is a unique antioxidant that substantially improves brain function.

Now, you might not become faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to fly over tall buildings with a single bound or even trump Albert Einstein in the genius department, but rest assured you’ll improve the quality of your life through a spoon of utterly sweet scrumptiousness!

  1. Honey Bees Don’t Sleep

Isn’t that the dream for every wife? Most women complain that their men ‘sleep’ all the time. Looks like honey bees don’t have that problem. Talk about happy, lovey dovey marriages eh!?

Honey bees never sleep throughout their entire lives. Hence the term, ‘busy as a bee’. After all, who has time to sleep when you’re busy manufacturing for the world majestic lumps of glimmering liquid that is never a buzz-kill!

So how do the bees stay awake? Not coffee. Not even cans upon cans of Red Bull. The bees employ a far more professional approach! They simply stay awake by constantly communicating with each other through dancing and by using pheromones.


  1. Flower Power

Honey bees have more flower power than a 60’s hippie singing songs of ‘make love and not war’. That makes honey bees very, very cool!

This fascinating fact holds true because honey bees from the average bee hive make rounds to about 225,000 flowers on any given day!

So the next time you take a jar of pure natural honey for granted, remember that these hardworking little insects – over the course of their entire lifetimes - visit at least 2 million flowers and fly nearly 55,000 miles to make just 1 pound of honey.

If there was ever food made with ‘love, passion and genuine hard work’ – the honey bees are the tender loving care source for it! Now you know. You’re welcome

4. Immortal

Wait, what? Immortality is something you’d probably hear in a Zombie Apocalypse movie, a Dracula novel or a fantasy video game. But immortality in a jar? This we got to hear!

You see, pure natural honey in its most pristine form is composed of 80% sugars and 20% water. For this reason, honey stored in air tight containers never spoils. In fact, sealed honey cauldrons unearthed in the ancient Egyptian King Tut’s tomb still had edible honey, despite buried for 2500 years underneath the harsh climate of the desert sands.

  1. Magicians of Health

There are some things in life that a magic wand can’t do (except maybe pulling a bunny out of a hat); and one of them is curing health conditions.

Naturally occurring honey in its purest form is a known healing agent, with tremendous medical benefits. For example, honey helps reduce various forms of aggressive eczema, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, helps reduce acne, helps boosts the human immune system, helps increase eyesight, aids in sleeping better and countless many more advantages.

This is because of the unpasteurised nature of pure natural honey, which contains vital ingredients, enzymes, good bacteria and antioxidants that gives honey its magical properties. Magic far more useful than the bunny-hat trick eh?

  1. Honey Bees are Great Entrepreneurs

A great entrepreneur is an action-taker and go-getter; someone that inspires overall growth of society and is passionate about improving lives. Some entrepreneurs do this wearing a $4000 Armani suit, Gucci watch and a $500 haircut. The honey bees do it with style – in only black and yellow.

Fact: The earth’s ecosystem and environment depends on the process of pollination. Pollination is a process that occurs when honey bees gather nectar from one flower to another.

Honey bees pollinate thousands of acres of crops each year, resulting in billions of dollars of crop production around the world – vegetables and fruits included. This paves the way for a huge chunk of economic boosts to the worldwide economy, while at the same time putting food on the tables of families around the planet! Talk about true entrepreneurial spirit!

If you’d enjoyed this article and find yourselves drooling for some sweet honey flavoured delights, feel free to buzz over to Bee Works Honey Co. – a proud family owned natural honey business based in the U.K.


It is not advisable for infants under 12 months or pregnant women to consume raw honey.

If you have any doubts whether you should have raw honey, please consult your physician/doctor.