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Our Honey

Honey delivered to you directly from remote and pristine areas - Experience the delicious taste and health benefits of raw honey now! Forget supermarket honey that’s overly processed and loses health benefits – raw honey is delicious, nutritious, healthy, and unique.

Natural honey is honey that is from wild places, that is far away from pesticides and herbicides that are too often used on the crops that bees feed from, and far away from other sources of pollution such as industrial zones and heavily-trafficked motorways.

There are many different methods of harvesting natural honey, and old-style beekeepers take pride in using techniques that are not used by traditional honey “factory farms”, where honey can become contaminated by antibiotics and chemicals.

This honey is also minimally processed, with only a coarse filtering to remove large debris. It’s also not pasteurised, so what you’re eating is as close to what bees eat as possible, and full of nutrients and minerals that can be damaged during industrial harvest and treatment.