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Since time immemorial, human beings have had an almost innate sweet tooth that is manifested in the desperate need for sweet, soulful flavours. It is in our very nature to savour the succulent pleasantries of sweet treats in all shapes, sizes and forms. It is what dreams are made of, and like all dreams, we strive to make them come true!

Enter: Honey!

Honey in all its magnificent, wondrous glory!

Not just honey. Pure and natural honey that provides a taste of paradise – in more ways than one!

Evolutionary Inclination

Consequentially, having an evolutionary natural attraction to sweet flavours has possessed immense benefits for the human race for thousands of years. Nonetheless, this evolutionary attraction to sweetness also brings with it a huge disadvantage for our health over the course of the last 100 years.

This is because as artificial and synthetic sugar processing progressed with time, it also made sugar a very cheap commodity, thereby paving the way for frequent and mainstream food processing. This harmful processing of food is not limited to merely honey today; we see it prevalent on every shelf across every grocery store on the planet.

Purest Form – Natural Honey

So what is the purest form of sugary delectableness that truly satisfies our craving for sweet deliciousness – in a natural and safe way?

The King of all sweet flavour Kings, is the naturally occurring raw honey.

UK based Bee Works Honey Co - the exciting new entry in the rapidly evolving raw honey industry - is as ambitious as a young swashbuckling entrepreneur can be.

As health trends change and people become more conscious of industry practices and processed foods, consumers are increasingly becoming more educated in the natural honey market, with the global reach of the internet providing ease and readily available information at their fingertips! With all this, the decision-making and buying-trends heavily rely on price, quality, purity, value and logistical aspects at one’s disposal. We at Bee Works Honey Co. uphold this by offering online merchants, individual customers and sellers worldwide - uniquely extracted pure and naturally occurring honey in its finest form.

The Challenge

As health concerns around sugar and processed sweeteners grow, it is no secret that high sugar consumption is directly related to health issues like unhealthy weight management, diabetes, blood pressure, metabolic health, heart health and a slew of other areas that affect one’s health negatively in the long-term.

This is where pure and natural honey has a compelling and almost instantaneous advantage over all other sources of sugar. Healthy harvest of pure honey in a natural setting is crucial in ensuring the epitome of profoundly perfect honey.


Such a natural setting is:

> Devoid of hormonal and antibiotic treatment to bees

> Free from pasteurization processes

> Free from fine filtration

> Carefully sourced away from urban pollutants

> Safe from harmful pesticides on crops upon which bees feed

> Devoid of sugar-feeding to bees during winter season

This ensures that the very habitat and ecosystem created for raising bees and harvesting honey – is itself pure and natural in every way possible, thus resulting in the most immaculate form of scrumptiously delightful honey ever known to man.

Naturally occurring pure honey has tremendous health benefits. It has nutrients, enzymes and naturally present ingredients that work as powerful aides and health tonics. Pure and natural honey has been used both as food and medicine for thousands of years since the ancient times. Moreover, unpasteurised and naturally pure honey retains bacteria and beneficial antioxidants that are otherwise unfortunately destroyed during the processing of aesthetically modified honey we see on store shelves today.

Prolific Health Advantages

Some of the essential health, medical and lifestyle benefits of pure naturally occurring honey include:

> Helps soothe various forms of Eczema

> Is known to help improve eyesight

> Great sleeping aid

> Helps strengthen the immune system

> Is known to help reduce cholesterol level

> Is known to help body and facial acne

> Helps moisturise the skin


…..just to name a few!

Moreover, raw honey in its purest crystallised form contains substantial amounts of Bee Pollen. This pollen is a super nutritious compound, containing all the nutrients required by the human body. It is a source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids, carotenoids and bioflavonoids which are helpful to cardiovascular and overall maintenance of health.

One of the fundamental inspirations we’ve had in creating Bee Works Honey Co, was the idea that Bee Pollen must be introduced to consumers in the most pristine and untouched form possible. It is the essence and holy grail of the most magnificent heights honey can ever reach, and we wanted to ensure that our consumers soared with flying colours to those heights – one spoon at a time!.

The Revelation

So can Bee Works Honey Co. boldly go where no honey producer has boldly gone before? Perhaps you’ll have to find that out yourselves!

The very philosophy of our business is based on the sole rule that we would never feed to our consumers, what we wouldn’t feed to our own family. We are a proud family based enterprise, and when you explore the fineries of our honey, you become a part of the love, camaraderie and passion that we put into every jar – as if you were our own!.

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