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Raw Wild Lavender Honey - 1kg


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Raw Wild Lavender Honey


100% Natural & Unprocessed.

Not Pasteurized. Nothing Added and Nothing Taken Away.

Mouthwatering and Very Delicious In Taste. Nothing like the Honey In the Supermarkets.

A Very Soft And Subtle Taste

Wild lavender is suitable for the whole family. It has a beautiful, softer taste than the lavender honey. Because it is so mild, children love it on its own.

Colour: Light red.

Production Area: Aragon, Spain

Benefits: Wild lavender is said to aid relaxation and sleep. This honey is good for soothing abrasions and burns (although obviously see your doctor if it is a bad abrasion or burn). It is also especially good poured over cheese, or just straight off the spoon. And because it is so mild children love it on its own and appreciate the subtle taste.


Honey and Crystallisation

Crystallisation is a natural process with honey so please do not be alarmed. Most supermarket honey does not set as quickly due to high heat processing and rapid cooling which keeps the honey runny for longer. 

If your honey is set, you can make it runnier by placing it in a pan of hot water for about ten minutes (and repeat as necessary). Please store it in a warm place in the household but away from direct sunlight.

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